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Every iOS device opens up ultimate collection of entertainment to you — be it an iPod Shuffle or the new iPhone 7. It’s so cool that Apple manages the best features for media management and accessibility even in their simple devices. If you’re looking for free media content, however, you may be disappointed a bit. Suppose you are sitting somewhere idle and you want to watch one of your favourite Action Thriller films or that funny TV Series. Not everyone has the financial capacity to run into iTunes Store and purchase/rent all those films. Nor is there is assurance about all types of films in iTunes. There have been times when we didn’t find the appropriate films in the iTunes Library. It’s in such instances that we badly need a completely free solution to stream and download your favourite movies and TV Series content. And, we have the best recommendation, ever — Movie Box for iOS.

In this article, we have covered everything you should know about Movie Box App and Movie Box Download. So, once you have a clear idea about this easy-to-use movie streaming app for iPhone and iPad, you can directly install it — doesn’t that sound good, folks? And, we will start with some introduction to MovieBox for iOS.

Movie Box for iOS -  Best Movie Streaming App for iPhone and iPad

The basic function of MovieBox for iOS is simple. It lets you find different movies and TV series from the huge database. Without going to the hassle of torrents or downloading, you can directly stream all the content to your iOS device. In this case, you can bring all those movies into your iPhone or iPad screen. All it requires is a few taps, given that you have got the latest version of Movie Box App installed in your phone. Also, you would need an active and stable internet connection for the seamless content streaming, without buffering and all. We think that’s some good news for people who are in love with movies.

But, wait, MovieBox for iOS isn’t simply limited to movies of different categories. From the same app, you can access a big collection of popular TV Series as well. For instance, suppose you wanted to watch the first episode of FRIENDS or Sherlock. Instead of spending time for downloading and all, you can rush to MovieBox App and type the name and search. In a few seconds, you will have all the content of FRIENDS and Sherlock ready. You can simply touch on the desired episode, select the quality and it will start streaming. The process is so simple that you won’t even think about torrents or other paid ways — as long as you have an unlimited Internet connection with standard speed.

Be it about movies or TV Series, the collection of MovieBox is something amazing. We have always wondered how the app has included such a variety of films, from a wider set of genres and categories. For instance, on the top list, we’ll find the most popular flicks, including the recently released ones. And, if you need, you can access the oldie films and those indie favourites. Along with these, MovieBox for iPhone and iPad also offers some old and new TV series. One thing we loved in the collection is that it’s regularly updated. Along with this easy access and the other features, MovieBox is offering a bunch of awesome features for streaming.

It’s a fact that you cannot download Movie Box App from official App Store. But, you don’t have to worry about that. There are a bunch of solutions when you need to have the fine-print of MovieBox for iOS in your phone. In our installation part, we have tested and reviewed every single method to get MovieBox ready in your iOS phone.

Note: Currently, Movie Box is only available for iOS (iPhone and iPad) users. If you are an Android user, we recommend you to check out ShowBox. It's also available for Windows 10 PC. Just like MB, it's full of latest movies and TV shows, more than even Netflix. Go download the app and enjoy! 🙂


Installing the Movie Box App on iPhone or iPad

Before that, we will tell you how you can download and install MovieBox in your iPhone or iPad. Sadly, though, the app is not available for iPod Touch. Well, coming back to the case of iPhone and iPad, we have covered different methods you’d use for MovieBox APK Download and install. We understand that some of you may not be interested in jailbreaking your phone — probably due to the concerns of warranty and other legalities. Understanding this difficulty, we have included different methods for the purpose. Some may require jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad but others work pretty fine without all the buzz of jailbreaking. There are even some methods that are simpler than going to App Store and installing.

What’s more, you can even download and install MovieBox with the help of your PC. Of course, you may have to use one third-party software or something. Even then, the process won’t take more than a few minutes from your side. The thing is simple: regardless your previous knowledge, expertise and requirement, you will find the most appropriate methods for MovieBox App Download in this article. Shall we move ahead to the various methods, then?

Way-Out #1 — Using Cydia

As you may know, Cydia is one of the coolest ways to do amazing things in a Jailbroken iPhone or iPad. The same can be used for downloading and installing MovieBox in your desired device. And, as it goes without saying, you need a jailbroken device to make this possible. Also, make sure that you have installed Cydia on the device. Talking of compatibility, it can be used for iOS 7, 8 and iOS 9 devices. So, if you are running an older version of iOS, the compatibility is doubtful. Also, it should work with almost all types of iPhones and iPads. We will get to the steps now.

  • Step One

To begin the process, you need to launch Cydia in your device. Given that it’s properly installed, you can go to the home-page and tap on Cydia icon. Now that you are on the Cydia main interface, you can see five different tabs on the bottom. From those, select ‘Sources’.

  • Step Two

Now, you will be able to see the list of sources that Cydia use for content collection. To edit the sources, you have to tap on the ‘Edit’ button you see on the top-right portion of page.

  • Step Three

Now that you are on the Edit Sources page, you should see the list again. On the top-left section of page, however, you’ll see an option named ‘Add’. This is used for adding new Cydia sources. Click on that button to move on.

  • Step Four

In the upcoming pop-up window, you will be asked to enter the Cydia/APT URL. This is where we can add the details of new Cydia sources. To do that, you have to copy the following URL and paste it on the corresponding area.

Once you have pasted it, you can hit ‘Add Source’ button to finish the process.

  • Step Five

You have to come back to the main interface of Cydia now. Using the ‘Search’ tab, you can search for Movie Box. You will be able to see the list of results in seconds.

  • Step Six

Depending on the version you need, you can select the choice from the list. If you ask us, we’d recommend going for the Movie Box 3 or another stable version. However, click on the choice and you will be lead to another page.

In the MovieBox page of Cydia, you will see an ‘Install’ button, on the top-right portion. Just tap on the button and Cydia will start installing MovieBox in your phone.

  • Final Step

Wait for Cydia to complete MovieBox installation. Once that’s done, it’s time for confirmation. To understand that Movie Box was installed properly, you can rush to the home page. If you see the Movie Box icon, you’re cool to go with.

Summing up, the installation method is very easy. You won’t have to spend more than a few minutes to get this done; of course, the only prerequisite is the jailbroken device. Well, are you hesitant to jailbreak your iPhone? Don’t worry — we’ve another method for you.

Way-Out #2 — Cydia Impactor

Don’t’ misunderstand this method for Cydia, because it’s entirely different. But, one thing is sure. This method is the safest and simplest one, when you are not ready to jailbreak your phone. Let’s have a look on the major points now.

First of all, you need the help of a Windows PC to make this possible. Second, you don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad. All you need to do is to connect your iPhone/iPad with Windows PC, where you should have installed Cydia Impactor beforehand. Coming to the compatibility aspect, this method should be working fine in almost all types of iPad and iPhone. If we take the case of iPhone, it supports and iPhone 4S and all the later versions. In case of iPad, however, there is a full support for iPad Mini and later versions, and all other iPads. There is no restriction in the version of iOS, either. If you do have any of these devices at your disposal, you can use Cydia Impactor for installing MovieBox.

Before You Begin: You have to download Cydia Impactor for Windows from It’s the official site and you don’t have to worry about integrity. Download the file and install the software on your PC.

You also have to download the IPA file of MovieBox for iOS. You can get the file from Here. This is the file we are going to use for installation. So, download the file and keep it an easily-accessible location.

  • Step One

As the first step, you have to open Cydia Impactor on your device. As you can see in the image, there won’t be any kind of information on the screen. Don’t worry — it’s supposed to be so.

  • Step Two

To start the installation process, you can connect your iPhone or iPad with the computer — using Lightning cable. As we’d said, you can connect your iPhones, iPads or iPad Minis. Also, all the software versions are supported here.

It may take some seconds, but your device will be detected by Cydia Impactor. As you can see on the screenshot, you can find the name of the device with some unknown code.

  • Step Three

We hope you have the MovieBox v3.6.8 IPA file downloaded and ready. Now, you can drag and file from location and drop it in Cydia Impactor interface.

  • Step Four

Click the ‘Start’ button and you will be required to enter the iTunes email ID and Password. A point to be noted here — your info isn’t stolen by anyone. Instead, it’s directly sent to Apple servers for authentication purposes. It’s being done for replacing the current Apple Developer Certificate. Just provide the username-password combo and hit ‘OK’.

  • Step Five

Once the authentication is complete, you can see the following message on screen. As it can be read, the process would replace the current Apple Developer Certificate that is associated with your account. This isn’t a big deal, unless you are using the device for Development purposes and all. So, simply put, you can be blind and hit the ‘OK’ button.

  • Step Six

Now, you can see the ongoing progress of MovieBox installation in the selected iPhone — or, iPad, for that matter. Wait till the process is completed by Cydia impactor. In fact, technically speaking, the IPA file is being extracted to the device.

  • Final Step

After a few minutes, you can go and confirm the installation of Movie Box App in your device. That’s simple. If you were careful enough to follow the steps, you would have the App installed on device. And, you can access it from home page of iPhone/iPad.

If you noticed, you would know that Movie Box Download using Cydia Impactor is pretty quick. You just have to download a few files from the internet and connect your iPhone/iPad to the PC. In seconds, you will have the app installed in your phone. And, the best part, you don’t need to jailbreak your device.

Way-Out #3 — iOSEmus Installer

Above, we saw two methods for installing MovieBox with ease — one with jailbreaking and another one without jailbreak needs. If you are looking forward to install Movie Box for iOS in your device running iOS 5 or later, there’s another method. And something that would make you happy, this method does not require jailbreaking your phone. If you are concerned about the compatibility, it’s good to know that iOSEmus method would work fine in iPhone 3GS and all later versions. In case of iPad, there is support all versions of normal iPad, iPad Pro and iPad Mini. In short, iOSEmus is an effective way for MovieBox download and installation is seconds. You just have to keep the steps ready, and clean.

  • Step One

Suppose you are trying to install MovieBox on your iPhone. From the device, you have to log on to You’ll be landed on a simple-looking webpage as you can see in the screenshot.

You are asked to select an icon from the available list. Just click on an icon and the tool will start installation.

  • Step Two

Once you are in the Install Profile page of iOS, you have to click the ‘Install’ button. It’s seen on the top-right area.

  • Step Three

Now, you will be warned that the profile isn’t signed. Well, just ignore that message and click on the ‘Install’ button to go forward.

  • Step Four

Instantly, you will see another pop-up on the screen. It too is asking for confirmation for installing iOSEmus. Just hit ‘Install’ button without further confusions.

  • Step Five

In a few seconds, you can see a message, saying that iOSEmus Profile has been installed successfully. Once you see it, you can rush to the iOS homepage and open iOSEmus.

  • Step Six

To find and install Movie Box, you have to go to the ‘Apps’ section of iOSEmus. You will be able to find the Movie Box icon on the list. Or, you can scroll down a bit for finding it.

  • Step Seven

In the next page, you will see an ‘Install’ button on the top-right side. Click on that button to start installation of MovieBox.

  • Final Step

In the upcoming pop-up window, you have to press the ‘Install’ button.

Now that you have followed all these steps, it’s time to wait. Depending on the internet connection and other things, the device may take a few minutes for installing MovieBox on your phone. However, don’t expect more than a few minutes in total. Once you are done with the installation, there is an additional step to be followed. You have to trust the developer for the smooth functioning of MovieBox app. To do that, you can go to

Settings => General Settings and choose Device Manager. From the list of available developers, you can select iOSEmus and trust it. Once you have trusted the developer, you can start using MovieBox in your iOS device without any glitch — whatsoever.

As you can see, this method of MovieBox installation is pretty simple. You just have to install one package from a source. It just takes a few seconds and you will have Movie Box app ready next time you open your iPhone home screen.

Way-Out #4 — vShare Helper

We already discussed a method for MovieBox download and installation, with the help of your Windows PC. There, we’d used a third-party downloaded file for installation. However, if you are looking for a better way of installation, you’d find vShare Helper to be useful in many senses. Let’s talk about the logic behind vShare Helper first. You know that MovieBox for iPad isn’t available in App Store. On the contrary, vShare is a third-party app store for iOS devices and you can find MovieBox from this store.

If you have an iOS device running iOS 7 or later versions, you can use vShare Helper for installation. Also, coming to case of devices, the method is compatible with iPhone 4S and all other devices released so far. If we are talking about iPad, it’s offering support for iPad 2 and later. Also, iPad Mini and all the later versions are supported by vShare Helper. If you have any of these methods and a PC with internet connection, we can start the steps.

And, yes, you don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad for this method to work.

  • Step One

We already told you that vShare Helper is an iOS management client for Windows. It’s available for free and you have to download vShare Helper from the Official Website. For Windows PC, the file download size is just 56.8MB. With the basic internet speed, you can finish the installation process in a few minutes or so.

  • Step Two

Now that you have successfully installed, you have to connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC. depending on the version, it may take a few minutes for vShare Helper to detect and display the connected iOS device.

Once you see the device information on screen, it means the device is ready for MovieBox installation.

  • Step Three

Once the interface has been loaded, it’s time to find the Movie Box app. To do that, you have to open the ‘Apps’ tab of UI.

You will find MovieBox in the main page itself. To start the download, you have to hit the ‘Download’ Button that you can see below the icon.

  • Step Four

To confirm that MovieBox is being installed, you have to go to the ‘Downloads’ tab. Depending on the internet speed, you will see the Download Progress or the Installation progress. In case if MovieBox is not being installed automatically, you have an option to manually ‘Install’ it.

  • Step Five

Wait until the installation is complete. Once the process is done, you can go to your iPhone home screen and check if the icon is available. However, there is another step to be completed for smoother functioning.

  • Final Step

Since you have installed Movie Box from another source, the developer isn’t a trusted one. So, you have to trust this single developer for seamless usage of MovieBox in iOS. To do that, you will find the options in Settings à General Settings. From the menu, choose Device Management. And, you will see the list of developers.

Select Huawei from the list of developers and ‘Trust’ the developer in the upcoming window. You may also see another pop-up window for confirming. Just hit ‘Trust’ again and you will be ready to use MovieBox like never before.

So, the method of installing MovieBox via vShare Helper is pretty simple. As we mentioned earlier, you just need one PC, active internet connection and a USB cable. Just connect, install and forget. VShare Helper also happens to be one of the best ways for installation, without all the hassles of installation.

Way-Out #5 — Othman Method

To end the five different methods for Movie Box installation, we have this one — namely Othman method. There are some limitations with this method, but the unique possibility is something else. Talking of the limitation, you can install only the MovieBox v3.5 in your iPad or iPhone. That having said, you can install this version on almost all iOS device. If we talk in terms of devices, this method supports all devices that came after iPhone 4S and iPad 2 and later versions and iPad Mini and further releases. Also, your device should be running iOS v9.0 to v9.3.2. If these are good for your device, Othman will be the best method for MovieBox download and installation.

Now that you have an idea about the method, we will move onto the installation steps.

  • Step One

There are some steps to be followed before you start the actual Othman-based installation. As a step of precaution, you need to clear History and Website data from Safari Web Browser in your iPhone or iPad. You can find this option in the ‘Settings’ section.

  • Step Two

Once you have cleared the information, you have to load the following website via Safari.

In this webpage, you can find a button named ‘Install App v3.3.7’. Hit on the button and you will see a pop-up window on the screen. Just hit ‘Install’ to move on.

  • Step Three

Of course, you will have to wait a few seconds for the app to get installed. After a few minutes, you can check your iPhone or iPad homescreen. Hopefully, you would see the app icon.

  • Step Four

This step needs to be followed before you start streaming via MovieBox for iOS. You have to go to Settings and choose the ‘General’ section. From the Device Management tab, you will be able to see the list of developers. Now, select Huawei from the list and ‘Trust’ it in the coming window.

  • Final Step

In a second, you will see a pop-up window from the PC. it asks you whether you need to really trust the app. Just don’t be bothered about the talk, and you can hit the ‘Trust’ button.

Now that you have installed MovieBox in your iPhone and trusted the developer, there won’t be any trouble in streaming your favourite movies or TV Series. If you have a compatible device with the mentioned software version installed, this is the simplest and effective method to install Movie Box on your phone.

Well, these are the different methods you can choose to install Movie Box in your iPhone or iPad. We have chosen these methods from different methods. Out of the five methods, one lets you install MovieBox on a jailbroken device. You don’t have to worry if you haven’t jailbroken your device. In that case, you can choose to go with the Othman method or the vShare Helper method according to your device status and software version. Also, some steps are available for all the iOS versions, while some have serious limitations. One thing is sure. It does not matter which iPhone/iPad you have and the version of iOS you are running right now. Any of these methods will help you install MovieBox and enjoy the unlimited movie streaming and downloads.

Why Use the MovieBox App on iPhone and iPad?

We mentioned earlier that MovieBox lets you watch movies. But, there are reasons why you should get it.

1. MovieBox is Completely Free

Unlike the so-called movie apps like Netflix or Hulu, MovieBox is a completely free service. You needn’t pay single penny for installing or using the service through your iPhone or iPad. What you just have to do is to install the proper version as per your device status and requirements. You may see some internet sources saying that MovieBox is premium and they need money. Don’t fall into those pits, because here we have the complete guide for installing this app with proper steps. So, this is the first reason. Being a free app, you don’t have to pay for theatre taxes, DVD rentals or cable subscriptions. All you need is an internet connection that does not lag you down.

2. High-Quality Movies, Every Single Time

MovieBox app does not limit you to 140p or 480p. It does not matter what you want to watch — some new films or a TV Series —, everything is available in Full HD quality. In our experience, there is no lagging even with a moderate internet connection speed. The application manages to adjust the quality and streaming technologies so that users won’t feel the limitations. That having said, MovieBox has a feature to reduce the streaming quality in certain conditions. For instance, if you have a slower connection, you can go back to 480p or something. So, this customizability is something cool. It’s bit amazing to find that MovieBox offers HD Quality prints of even the rare films.

3. Download Now, Watch Anytime

You can download movies using the MovieBox for iPad. Well, you heard that right. It’s a fact that iOS has some limitations when it comes to downloading huge files. But, surpassing these limitations so effectively, MovieBox lets you download all films that you want. You just have to have sufficient storage space in your phone. The case is same when you like to store a few episodes from the favourite TV Series. If you are planning a movie marathon or a back-to-back TV series, this will be quite useful. Likewise, you can make use of the feature if you are going somewhere stranded. You can have the favourite flicks stored in your device for offline watching, sometime later.

4. Regularly Updated Collection

This is another reason why we prefer MovieBox to any other streaming service, even the premium ones. We already mentioned that MovieBox has perhaps the largest library of movies and TV series the same library is being updated on a regular basis. Suppose you are an ardent follower of a popular TV Series. You can have the latest episodes as soon as they are aired on Television. MovieBox has tied up with different sources to bring the latest media content, without the slightest compromise in quality and stability. This is a cool feature for those who are really passionate about watching movies and sticking onto TV Series episodes.

5. Different Sources means Stable Speed

We tried using MovieBox at many times — early morning, noon and midnight. All the time, the speed and stability of film streaming was top notch. There wasn’t a difference in the case of TV Series streaming either. MovieBox is able to maintain the speed due to several reasons. First, it’s about the clean development of the app. Second, MovieBox is using different sources for streaming. So, at times, you may not be stream using a particular source. In that case, you can simply choose another source from the available list. It’s so simple that you’ll used to it in seconds. In effective, MovieBox lets you stay connected to the world of movies and TV Series in a few taps’ time.

6. Subtitle Support that Matters

Do you watch foreign language films so often? Then, subtitle support would be one of the things you’d look in a streaming application. As you have guessed, MovieBox has in-built support for subtitles and they have tied with All you need to do is to connect your account with the MovieBox app. So, the next time you start streaming a movie, the suitable subtitle would be added to the screen. However, the availability of subtitle support is subject to the video player you are using on your iPhone or iPad. So, it’s up to you to use a compatible video player. It’s amazing to find that MovieBox has been offering clear-built subtitles for TV series.

7. No Accounts, No Registration

Another reason to Download Movie Box is the simple user experience. Unlike the contenders, MovieBox does not want you to create an account for streaming. You just have to install the app and you can start streaming from the next second. It also ensures privacy and stuff. That having said, personalization section of MovieBox is equally impressive. It’s amazing to find how MovieBox manages every aspect of movie-streaming.

8. Create Your Own Collections and Share

If you have a bunch of movie freaks as friends, you can use this amazing feature from MovieBox. If you are someone who loves to watch your favourite movies again and again, you can create your own playlists via MovieBox. There is a section named ‘My Library’, to which you can add the films you love. You can also share the collection of movies with your friends or family. So, the next time someone asks some suggestions for movie marathon, you can just tap to answer them. It is very easy to find the desired movies from MovieBox collection. You can sort films by genre, year, type etc. altogether, the usability of MovieBox for iOS is super-cool.

9. Stay Updated

Along with all these features for free movie streaming and downloading, MovieBox lets you stay connected with the world of movies. In one section, you can find the recently released movie trailers. In another tab, you will find the latest news from movie world. For those who are really passionate about learning about their favourite flicks and enjoying, this is for sure an awesome feature to bet.

So, these are the feature you’d love in MovieBox for iPhone and iPad. All the features are available in all the versions of MovieBox. You won’t miss anything just because you are running an older version of iOS in your phone. We think they are compelling enough for almost all movie-freaks around.

Summing things Up: Movie Box - Best Movie Streaming App?

What you have above is the complete guide for MovieBox Download and Installation in every iOS device. In the installation part, we have covered every method for every device. It does not matter whether your device is jailbroken or not, you’ll be able to use MovieBox from the screen — in a time less than a few minutes. Also, it’s completely up to you to decide whether you need PC for installation. If you can use the Othman method or the iOSEmus method, you can get it done in no time. All you need is a good internet connection and some time to spare. So, you should never hesitate from getting MovieBox just because you think installation will be tough.

And, concerning MovieBox, we have told you enough on why the app is too good for movie streaming. On top of every other feature we’ve told, being free is what makes MovieBox superb. There are no free trials, subscription fees or anything else that consumes money from your wallet. Even then, MovieBox manages to bring the latest movies and TV Series in a regular manner. We also loved the fact that almost all the content you find in MovieBox is of High Quality. And, yes, even if you are not able to download movies to iOS and store it, you can get the job done with the help of MovieBox.

Considering all these, you have enough reasons to love and use MovieBox App if you love movies. To help you with that, we’ve given step-by-step installation tutorials as well. So, just find the type and software version in your device and choose the best installation method from the list of 5 viable way-outs. And, don’t forget to tell us how you liked MovieBox for iOS.

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