Best Free Movie Apps for Android and iOS

When was the last time you went to a DVD store and bought the DVD of your favorite movie? For us, though, the very question seems so weird. It’s because we have never been into DVD Rentals or purchases in past 2 or 3 years. In fact, we don’t know if such stores still exist in our locality. At the same time, we know people, who are not accustomed to the changing way of entertainment such as YouTube or Live Movie Streaming.

In addition, most people have some unnecessary prejudices about the same. For instance, there are people who believe that they need to pay a lot of money for streaming movies online. That’s one of the biggest and popular myths in the world of digital entertainment. And, as some serious movie addicts and supporters, we are more than happy to debunk that myth here. Let’s put that simple — there are many ways to find, watch and store moving without spending a penny. All you need is a hassle-free internet connection and the right free movies app for your Android or iOS devices. If you can trust and start using live-streaming apps, you’ll be able to avail a bunch of following conveniences and features.

  • You can find and watch your favorite films without bothering about theatre timings or anything.
  • - Unlike the case of DVD rentals, there is no deadline for submitting the discs back.
  • Multi-Device support is something that we find in almost all the free movie apps. You can watch the same content from different devices like your smartphone or your PC. There are even some options to resume playback from where you left of.
  • When compared to the small DVD shops you have seen, these websites and apps have a really huge collection of commercial films, other films, documentaries, TV series and a lot more.
  • Expecting a movie marathon or the back-to-back TV series session? These apps will offer the best-in-class convenience for you. All you need to do is to launch the app and start viewing.
  • There are the several perks of portability as well. You don’t need to stay in front of the TV to watch the content you need. Regardless where you are — on the way to home or back from work or even in your bathroom —, you can keep watching. Just make sure that you have a Wi-Fi connection to use.
  • Some apps also let you download and store favorite films in the local storage space. So, even without internet connection, you won’t have trouble in accessing the films.
  • If you choose the right apps, you can have additional features like personalized recommendations as well as Subtitle Support.

Yes, you heard that right. You might be familiar with entertainment platforms like YouTube, which is a free service for streaming videos. The same app is available for different platforms like Android and iOS and, say, almost every smartphone OS out there. As we both know, YouTube is never considered a free movie app. In spite of the fact that YouTube may allow you to purchase movies or rent them, there aren’t many options to watch films. So, let’s take that off the consideration. Even then, there are a bunch of Android and iOS apps that lets you enjoy movies for free.

When we say something is free, we mean that thing is really free — as in free food. As a result, when we do recommend a free movie app, it will help you to watch and download the flicks you like, without all the mess of in-app purchases or subscription packages. However, there is a simple condition: you need to choose one of the best apps for the purpose. Don’t worry if you don’t have much experience to do that — we are here to help you with this thing.

The Best Ways of Online Movie Streaming for Android and iOS

Now that you know about movie streaming and are interested in giving it a try, you need to choose the best. To make that possible, we have created the ultimate list of the best free movie streaming apps for Android and iOS. So, you can enjoy the comfort and relaxing effect of movies whether you have the latest iPhone 7 or a Google Pixel. The following apps are considered based on our own experience and other suggestions. In short, you don’t have to worry about their safety or authenticity when it comes to movies. Also, we’ve tried to give you a comprehensive overview of each app, based on how you use it.

We will start with some trusted movie streaming and movie download apps for devices running on iOS. You can use these apps in your iPhone or iPad, simultaneously.

Movie Box 

Movie Box happens to be one of the most popular and trusted movie-streaming apps for iOS devices. It has an easy-to-use interface and a bunch of features. Judging by the features, we couldn’t believe that the app is actually free for iPhone and iPad. If you ask us personally, we would recommend Movie Box as the effective way to watch movies without paying anything. This free application has all the features we have mentioned above. That is, you can watch any type of content you, be it a full-size film or a popular TV Series like FRIENDS. You don’t have to bother about show timings on per-film purchases. Once you download and install Movie Box in your iPhone/iPad, you are welcome to one of the biggest collections of films and TV series.

About the Collections

One thing about Movie Box Free Movies App is that you cannot get it from App Store. Due to many reasons, Apple hasn’t allowed the app to appear on the official store. Don’t worry; many methods are there if you’d like to get it installed on your phone or tablet. The best part, it isn’t necessary to jailbreak your iPhone/iPad for installation of Movie Box. In short, we felt it really awesome to install and get started with Movie Box in our iOS devices. One of the most used movie downloader apps in market, you can store any of the films in a local storage area. These contents can then be accessed anytime you want, given that you have a standard-speed internet connection to count on.

Coming to features, Movie Box for iOS has a lot to offer. But, we think, the best feature is the huge collection of films and TV series. We had tried searching for almost every type of film or TV series, and the Movie Box collection had given the right results — every single time. In case if you love watching foreign-language flicks, you would love the Subtitle Support. At the same time, Movie Box lets you enjoy the brand-new trailers and up to date film news, right from main interface. Other features of Movie Box free movie app include its best sharing options, customized results and availability of content in different qualities (480p and 720p, per se)

In short, you can count in Movie Box homepage when you love to watch films in best quality. There is no compromise in case of quality or stability. It also happens to be our personal favorite iOS app for free movies and we use it almost every day.


SnagFilms is one of the most used and recommended free movie-streaming app for iPhones and iPads. Since the app has been dedicatedly made for both devices, we can receive the same user-experience in both. This was a good thing that we loved in SnagFilms for iOS. This might not have the biggest collection of films or TV series, but we found the collection to be just awesome. After all, the features don’t make us think that the app is really free to use. Such high is the quality and perfection of all its options. The content collection of the app deserves special mention for sure. There are also options for continuous playback and sharing, which are useful when you are a true movie-addict.

About the Collection

Installing SnagFilms is the easiest thing you can do, due to its App Store availability. You can just follow our link and get the job done. It has a lower download size of 28.5MB, which is cool. Coming to the case of film collection, we were really amazed by what SnagFilms is offering. We searched SnagFilms for many different movie categories like Action, Comedy, Science Fiction, Romance and Horror. Every time, the results were so convincing and comprehensive. In addition to English films, you have an amazing collection of films from other languages like Hindi, African, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian, French, Arabic etc. Despite the versatility, we don’t think the collection is as big as that of Movie Box. In addition, SnagFilms is offering a set of TV Shows, Original Comedies, Full-length Documentaries and special-interest content.

Judging by its features, Movie Box is one of the best apps to watch free movies, in the best manner as well. First of all, thanks to the multi-device support, you can enjoy the same collection of content in your iPhone, iPad, TV or your Desktop. Things are easy if you have an Apple TV; you can stream the content directly using Apple Airplay. Other features of SnagFilms are in-built social sharing options, content syncing, watch later and queueing etc. You just need to install the apps on your Desktop and other iOS devices to get all these.

If you are looking for variety of video content, you should go for SnagFilms for iOS. It’s easy to use and offers the best features like multi-platform support and streaming capabilities. For those who don’t like to interrupt the movie-watching habit, these features are just awesome.


Viewster for iOS is another awesome app for free movies and other video content. Just like SnagFilms, you’d be able to download the application from App Store — free of cost. At the size of 61.1MB, you will not have much issue in downloading and installing Viewster in your iPhone or iPad. There are some features that make this app different from others. The first one is its specific nature of content offered. Instead of offering purely random video content, there are curated collection for original movies and anime content. We know a few friends who are addicted to anime, and it’s from they that we received the suggestion of Viewster.

About the Collection

Let’s talk about the collection first. As we said, Viewster consists of an awesome collection of Anime content — including classic ones and those contemporary ones. The best part is that Viewster offers multi-language subtitles. It does not matter whether you are from UAE or England, you won’t have trouble in finding suitable subtitles. Of course, anime content is updated on a weekly basis and you won’t miss any episodes. Plus, you have the benefits of Original Thrillers from different genres. Also, if you are someone who loves those true-like documentaries, there is a dedicated collection for that too. Along with these, you have access to usual types of TV Series and films. Despite all these original stuff, you can’t find those box-office blockbusters in this app.

One problem with Viewster is the presence of video ads in-between. Also, chances are, depending on where you are from, some film/TV Series titles won’t be available. There are no restrictions when we consider the case of features though. For instance, there is AirPlay and Chromecast support. If you have Apple TV or one Chromecast set up at your home, it means instant video content sharing onto those screens. You will also be able to create watch-lists for catching up from where you left off. In short, you have the standard set of options available from the Viewster interface.

Summing up, Viewster is the best choice if you are looking for original and rare content. We won’t suggest it if you need those latest, mainstream blockbusters. On the other hand, if you are into anime or some sort of documentary-based flicks, Viewster is the best free movie app.


Are you looking for an iOS application that lets you enjoy mainstream movies without doing a manual install? Then, you should take a look at Popcornflix, which you can download from Apple App Store. And, while using the same, we were really impressed about the features and options. Unlike the three apps we have covered so far, Popcornflix is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. That is, you can enjoy the same collection of films and free content on different devices. It also happens to be unique choice where you can find the real, free content, apart from our top pick namely Movie Box. The collection is praised by many critics and some independent websites.

About the Collection

In Popcornflix, you can find films from any genre possible. For instance, a simple search will bring you a lot of results from genres like Comedy, Horror, Documentaries, Drama etc. It’s also worth noting that we found some cool Spanish-language films in the Popcornflix collection, which is a big deal for movie freaks. We would like to repeat the fact that Popcornflix films are actually mainstream. You don’t have to pretend to be quite satisfied with rare or original content. Whether you are looking for an action flick starring Brad Pitt or another flick from Daniel Craig, you will have the finest films ready in front of you. Although it doesn’t let you have those films downloaded into your iPhone or iPad, there is no limit in the usage possibilities. You can enjoy the daily-updated collection of movies without any daily or monthly limits, whatsoever. Everything is so free that you don’t have to worry about subscription fees, either.

You have the basic features of customization and personalization in Popcornflix for iOS. For instance, you’d be able to create a personalized watch list and add as many movies as you like into that playing queue. Also, we need to consider the in-app sharing options for Facebook and Twitter. We know these features aren’t so innovative. But, we found them awesome from a free app, which offers such a huge collection of mainstream and rare movie titles. You won’t have trouble in finding the movie you need, because you can search based on Genre and other categories.

Popcornflix for iOS is the recommended choice for those who need mainstream movies via their iPhones or iPads. There aren’t many features like streaming support or anything, but the collection is impressive for all movie-addicts.

Well, these are the best free movie apps you can have for your iPhone or iPad. Most apps aren’t available for iPod Touch, though. Also, you should make the selection based on your needs. For instance, you should see if you need an option to download free movies and store them. In that case, Movie Box will be the only viable option to check out. Now, however, we will move onto best free movie apps for Android.

ShowBox for Android

ShowBox is perhaps the best Android app for watching and downloading movies and TV series via the tablet PC or smartphone of yours. It’s pretty much like the Movie Box APK remade for Android platform. You will be able to find almost the same collection of movies and TV series in this application as well. Another thing that stays the same is its unavailability in Google Play Store. You will have to download the APK file from an external source and install it on your device. That having said, you get a bunch of features you cannot even expect in the so-called premium movie-streaming apps out there.

About the Collection

If we are talking in terms of the movie collection, ShowBox for Android is something unparalleled. You will be able to find almost all blockbusters and commonly-popular films in this app. We have tried searching for a bunch of critically-acclaimed flicks in the interface. Completely satisfying the movie addict in us, there were sufficient results too. This is something we always love about the film inventory of ShowBox. In addition, TV series section of the app is equally brilliant. The episodes are regularly updated, and you won’t ever miss any release for no reason. We think that’s something lovely for those who are in love with TV series. We’ve been using the app for keeping track of our Breaking Bad marathon.

The best feature we found in ShowBox app is the option for downloading and storing film titles. You do not need the help of any external tool to get that done. Instead of the ‘Stream’ option, you can hit ‘Download’; the film will be downloaded in the best speed possible. With each film you stream, you get an option to pick the right streaming quality from 480p and 720p options. This is essential when you are running on a slower internet connection. Another feature we loved is the Subtitle support, which works in association with the popular platform. We just need to enter the account credentials to have the subtitles into your streaming sessions around.

Altogether, ShowBox for Android makes enough sense for all your streaming needs. It has a collection that is regularly updated. The best part, you don’t have to pay any hidden charges to have this service. It is truly free, as in free food 😉 Trust us when we say that ShowBox will be the best companion for your Android if you love watching movies and TV series almost every time.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is one of the most noted free movie watching apps for your Android smartphone or tablet PC. You get the same user-experience of Netflix, Hulu or any other premium service. It’s just that you are getting an all-new movie-watching experience even without spending anything. Full HD connectivity is yet another nice feature we’ve found in Tubi TV, which is applicable for almost all films and TV series episodes you will come across in the service. In light of our experience, we would say Tubi TV is a free alternative when you need a bunch of popular flicks and rare ones at the same time. Let’s have a look on the collection of films and its TV series inventory now.

About the Collection

We hope you know that Tubi TV is available in Google Play Store. You won’t have any trouble in downloading or installing the application. Your device needs to be running Android v4.1 or later. A regularly updated app, you won’t have to doubt its credibility either. In the first look, the film collection of Tubi TV is just amazing. In the Drama section, you will find films such as American Psycho and True Grit. If you go to Action, there is a bunch of titles like Buried and Haywire. It means that you can have a good-enough collection of popular as well as box-office hit films. There are also dedicated collection of Anime content, Korean Movies and flicks from other genres like Horror and Comedy. Despite the presence of commercials, movie-watching in Tubi TV is a simple thing. You will have to tolerate the standard amount of ads, though.

Despite being a free Android app, there are some premium-type of features as well. This is apart from film & TV series collection of Tubi TV, which is updated on a regular basis. Of course, you can watch all your flicks in different devices, thanks to the built-in support for Chromecast, Roku, Xbox and a bunch of smart TVs you will find in market. Coming to playback-oriented features, you can create personal playing queues and lists to make the playback easier and organized. Another feature we had loved in Tubi TV is its top-notch synchronization features. You can enjoy simultaneous and continuous watching in different devices like Roku and Apple TV. The actual support list of devices consists of Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, Chromecast etc.

If you are okay with some commercials to have popular films streamed, Tubi TV is an amazing choice. Despite having no subscription fees or in-app purchase, you can enjoy the collection of commercial as well as rare set of film content. We particularly loved the options for multi-device syncing and easier playback options.

Crackle for Android

So far, we haven’t seen any Android movie-streaming app that offers original content. In fact, for those who are interested in TV series and compelling content, original web series are something fun. In that sense, you can confidently go for Crackle for Android, which is a nice option. One problem with Crackle is that it is not available for many types of smartphones and tablet PCs. That having said, there are no formal methods for registration or purchases. Just like you are getting rid of cable subscriptions and related paperwork, there is no issue in getting start with Crackle. This is something we can try. We will have a look on the features and collection.

About the Collection

We know you are concerned about the collection of offered movies in all free movie apps. And, don’t worry; you won’t be disappointed in the case of Crackle. It’s a fact that you can find licensed content of popular and blockbuster titles in the inventory. In addition to these, there are some Crackle-exclusive series content. The list of available programs in Crackle includes Sports Jeopardy, Joe Dirt 2 and Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. If you are someone who follows any of these content distributions, you have a reason to get the Crackle app installed on your Android device. All you need is a completely free Crackle account, which can be set up in less than a few seconds. If you look at the customer reviews, you can understand the real value of this app. Most people are loving the easy-to-use interface and the regularly-updated collection of video content. That’s something you would love too, we suppose.

Once again, Crackle keeps the standard in the case of features. You will find the options you used to find in most of free apps for watching movies. For instance, you can seamlessly stream content to a variety of smart devices like Sony PlayStation, Xbox, Apple TV and Roku. You also have an option to shortlist movies and mark them for watching later. All these can be done the single Crackle account; without paying anything. What’s more, you can have multi-device syncing of streamed content without much ado. That is, if you pause a film in one smartphone, you can continue the same from your tablet PC or something else.

Summing up, Crackle for Android is the best choice when you need the combination of originals and cinema content. It’s a good thing that the app has combined both these sectors in an easily-accessible manner. We’d recommend this to most of our readers, if you have a compatible device to run.

CinemaBox for Android

Are you looking for one of the combination of top-class movie content and streaming capabilities? Then, we would be glad to recommend CinemaBox for Android, which is completely free to use. This app adds some features we hadn’t seen in apps like Movie Box or ShowBox. However, what remains the same is the daily-updated and blockbuster-based collection of TV Series and movies. This is an awesome combination as far as movie addicts are concerned, we suppose. Just like ShowBox, however, you cannot download this app from Play Store, probably due to copyright issue. Despite that, there are simple methods you can follow to get things done and start streaming right away.

About the Collection

CinemaBox for Android has one of the finest movie collections we have seen in free movie downloader apps for Android. In case if you did not know, we are a group of movie addicts who are into almost any type of film genre. Some of us are into those Science Fiction stuff while many prefer Action and Drama. And, wide-enough collection of CinemaBox was able to satisfy all our film-based thirsts. If you need a practical solution-based comparison, we’d say the collection stays near to what Movie Box or ShowBox is offering. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for Enemy or American Beauty, you will find the right results and premium streaming quality within this simple Android app. We hope that’s something more than satisfactory for most of you.

Streaming features are what make CinemaBox something unique and viable. You can bring any film or your favorite TV Series onto the bigger screen of your Smart TV or a normal TV — if you use a device like Roku or Chromecast. However, in that case, you have to ensure a faster internet connection. If you are streaming via smartphone screen, the streaming quality can be either 480p or 720p. Also, just as we had seen in ShowBox and Movie Box for iOS, there is extended support for subtitle. These things work even when you download the film content for watching later. While adding the no-account-required policy into consideration, we will not hesitate to call CinemaBox the best app for free movies download and streaming

If you need the top-notch collection of TV Series and Films, CinemaBox is the perfect choice. It’s a good thing that the app is offering a bunch of options for streaming and better content organization. In light of our own experience, we’d found the desired film title and TV Series in literally no time. Such simple is its UI.

So, these are the four awesome Android apps for watching and downloading free movies with ease. The best part is that almost all of them have no-account entry. You don’t have to pay anything for account or accessing offered content. It’s good from the usability point of view, we believe.

Note: In the above list, we have covered free movie apps that are quite popular. At the same time, there is a bunch of apps that come with limited functionality. We haven’t added those apps because we think the UI and usability are important when it comes to watching movies. And, as people who are passionate about TV content and films, we don’t like to put our readers in that sort of trouble. If that’s fine, we will sum up what we have covered above.

Summing Up

Hope you loved our curated collection of free movie apps for Android and iOS. As you can guess, it’s essential to make the right selection.

If we take the case of Android app, we recommend going for ShowBox for Android or CinemaBox. As you’d guess, there is a huge-enough collection of movies and TV Series, which is incomparable. On the other hand, if you need a free movies app with better streaming options, we would recommend CinemaBox. Both these apps offer the best-in-class set of commercial and rare titles.

Things are more or less same in the case of iOS-based free movies app. We really think that MovieBox App is the best option. It’s because the app lets you watch and download all sorts of movies in 720p quality. There are basic options of content sharing and personalization. This is not to say that rest of the apps are bad. It’s just that MovieBox App does the job in a better manner.

We hope, in the end, you know how to make your pick.

Best Free Movie Apps for Android and iOS
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