Top 5 Best Plot Twist Movies Ever Made

Plot Twist movie are the best movies as there is always an element of suspense in the end. There are a lot of movies out there on Movie Box App that will leave you speechless as you go along with them. When you think that you have figured out the entire movie, you come to know that you were entirely wrong all along from the beginning. Well, there are many outstanding plot twist movies out there, however, we have tried to narrow it down to the best five that you can watch to get your mind screwed.

The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects is one of the best plot twist movie ever made. The film features Kevin Spacey in his Oscar winning role and has been directed by Bryan Singer. Spacey plays the role of a con man named “Roger Kint” who is found saying, “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”. Well, this line also represents the whole point of the movie. As you progress with the film, you will realize that everything is not as it is shown or as it appears. The story of a murder which begins in a narrative style, and in which the murderer is unknown, takes a lot of different turns before reaching the conclusion. An explosion on a ship in San Pedro kills 27 men on board while the only survivor of the blast as well as 91 million dollars’ worth of cocaine goes missing. The only witness of the scene, i.e. Verbal Kint is bought into custody as the key suspect by Detective Dave Kujan (Chazz Palminteri). Kint is however a disabled person who narrated the series of events that led to the explosion. He explains the detectives that a truck full of gun parts got hijacked 5 days ago near Queens, New York. As a result, 5 suspects were arrested by the police including Kint, McManus (Stephen Baldwin), Hockney (Gabriel Byrne) Keaton (Gabriel Byrne) and Fenster (benicio Del Toro). After performing the robbery successfully, all the five men fly off to LA in order to fence the loot. While they are in the West, they are asked by one of their customers whether they are interested in pulling a quick job or robbery. The men agree but the robbery goes horribly wrong. Soon the men are visited by a person named Kobayashi (Pete Pstlethwaite) who represent Keyser Soze, a criminal mastermind whose identity remains hidden. However, Soze is shown as a dangerous and violent criminal who killed his own family just because he got a treat call from an unknown person who said that he will kill his family. He does this just to prove that he fears no-one. And when the five men receive a heist proposal from Soze which looked more like a suicide to the 5 men, they feel like they are left with no choice but to agree with the Soze’s proposal. T The movie consists of a lot of twists and turn, but the ending scene will definitely leave you speechless. If you love watching movies with unexpected endings, Usual suspects will definitely not disappoint you.

Fight Club

First of all, you need to know that the movie is dark and will really mess up your mind. The main character of the movie, Edward Norton is a young depressed man. He is also the “Narrator” as per the credits who hates his work and feels senseless going to job every day. He is alienated from the entire world and can’t even sleep at nights. One day, on a business flight he meets Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), who is a free living young man who sells soaps for living. Tyler is kind of person who is away from the materialistic world and believes that a person can learn a lot via chaos and pain. Suddenly, Tyler invites the narrator to a fight. He joins Tyler and after the fight he feels alive and kind of relieved, a feeling that he had almost forgotten. Soon, Tyler and the Narrator become friends and roommates and form a “Fight Club”. Soon more people join in and take part in a one on one bare knuckle fight. However, things become complicated between Tyler and Narrator when Tyler gets involved with a girl named Marle (Helena Bonham Carter). The movie takes a lot of twist and turn before revealing its major twist. Fight Club is directed by David Fincher, based on the novel written by Chuck Palahnuik and is still one of the top 10 movies ever made on IMDB top 250 list.


Seven is another masterpiece by director David Fincher and another dark movie which was also the most influential hit at the box-office. The story starts in New York drenched with heavy downpour almost in the entire movie. Det. William Somerset (Morgan Freeman) is a homicide specialist and is retiring within a week. The amount of pain and situation he has faced in his 32-year long career is visible on his tired face. However, there is one last case that he needs to dig into along with his new partner David Mills (Brad Pitt). David is actually the new fiery detective who is going to replace Somerset. Somerset also advices Tracy (Gwyneth Paltrow), David’s wife into shifting to a big city where his husband can get important cases. However, the last case that Somerset gets include a diabolical serial killer who is killing selected people in a way that they represent the seven sins. The way he kills each one of them is really hard to describe but he covers all the sins including sloth, lust, pride, wrath, greed, gluttony and greed. After a lot of ups and downs, the case reaches a horrifying conclusion that will shiver you up and is really hard to digest.

Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko is a sci-fi kind of dark movie based on a college student Donnie (Jake Gyllenhaal). Donnie is an intelligent as well as charming boy studying in high school. Also, Donnie always challenges rules and adults around him. However, soon he is visited by a strange friend named Frank. Frank is a big 6-foot-tall rabbit that looks frightening and also urges Donnie to perform various dangerous acts. One night, Frank tells Donnie that the world will soon come to an end. Earth has 1 month before destruction, and next, engine of a jet plane comes crashing and smashing his room ceiling. This incident makes him believe that there is something true about his prophecies. As the movie progresses, Donnie finds himself struggling between is parents, sister, teachers and a girl who likes Donnie’s pranks. The movie’s ending scene will definitely leave your perplexed and scratching your head. The movie was directed by Richard Kelly in 2002 and still remains one of the best plot twist movie made after year 2000 and is now available on Movie Box Top Rated Movies List

The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense is a kind of horror psychological thriller written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. The story starts with Dr. Malcolm Crowe being shot by one of his very old patient. Next we see waiting for his new patient across the road but he is not a kid with normal problem. Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment) can see dead people. Cole has some kind of psychic powers which allows him to see as well as communicate with dead people’s spirits. The little child is terrified most of the time and Dr. Crowe thinks that he is the only one who can help him. He asks the child to share his secret with him after which he digs deeper into the child’s problem and helps in overcome his fear. It's said to be one of the best movies of this era and is also available on Movie Box Top Rated Movies. The ending of the movie will totally blow your mind and will present something that you could have never expected.

Top 5 Best Plot Twist Movies Ever Made
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