5 Best War Movies of All Time

War films are special films that contain a lot of action, emotions, violence and drama. But the best thing about them is that they are filled with thriller. However, most of the really incredible war movies are based on real stories. Still, there are some that might go deeper into you mind and teach you a lot about life.

There are many aspects that define a great War movie. It requires a good story, good action, a good buildup etc. So, we have assembled a list of best 5 war movies that possess all these traits. However, it was very hard to pick just 5 among hundreds of films, but here is what we think are the best 5 war movies of all time which is available on MovieBox App.

1. Saving Private Ryan

Saving private Ryan is one of the best war movie which has been directed by the legendary Steven Spielberg and features Matt Daemon and Tom Hanks. The movie opens with a war veteran (Matt Damon) visiting a cemetery with his family. He sits near a grave and remembers an incident from his past life. The movie goes into a flashback and opens in and a long war scene where American army getting slaughtered by German forces on Omaha beach. The Americans are able to overcome the resilient forces but lose uncountable soldiers on the beach at the same time. However, one among the dead soldiers is “Private Ryan”. General George C. Marshall (Harve Presnell) learns that three Ryan brothers have lost their life in the battle in a single week. So, he orders to bring the surviving brother, Private James Ryan, back to United States safely from the war. The assignment comes to Captain Miller (Tom Hanks) who, with a squad of seven, sets out to find Ryan in a country stuffed with Nazis. However, they face a lot of resistance on their path. The group even begins to question the logic behind losing more human life in order to save one. However, it is great to see how the squad finds its way in the enemy country. The movie excellently expresses the emotions and tension during the World war II. Also, the final scene is breathtaking and will give you goosebumps (no spoiler). Saving Private Ryan is based on a true story with references from the book “D-Day: June 6,1944” by Stephen E. Ambrose.

2. Platoon

Platoon is a very realistic film which has been directed by Oliver Stone. The movie revolves around a soldier and the time he spends serving in Vietnam. The movie starts with a college student named Chris Taylor (Charlie Sheen) who drops out to volunteer for the Army in the Vietnam war. Soon, he is off to the war country and becomes the part of a culturally diverse group of soldiers lead by Sgt. Elias (Willem Dafoe) and Sgt. Barnes (Tom Berenger). Both the sergeants are totally different and play kind of negative character in the movie. On one hand Sgt. Barnes is corrupt as well as violent, while on the other hand Sgt. Willem doesn’t believe in the war still fights with full courage and moral. Chris soon discovers how wrong his views were about the war. In an incident, the group sets out to search enemy troops but instead the search turns into murder and rape. Unlike many other Vietnam war based movies, Platoon gives you the real feel of the war situation. There are a lot of small details that make the film look more realistic like insects, forests, use of marijuana, jungle rot and especially how soldiers count days before they reach home. These small details and touching issues won the movie four Oscar awards including The Best Picture as well as Best Director Award. The movie is really awesome and it should be your next watch if you love war movie and haven’t watched this one yet.

3. Full Metal Jacket

Full Metal Jacket is another masterpiece based on Vietnam war. The movie can easily be divided into two parts. The first half of the film revolves around a Marine recruit J.T. Davis (Matthew Modine). Davis starts his training as a marine in the movie along with other recruits on Parris Island. The group is commanded by a brutal instructor Sargent Hartman (R. Lee) who trains them and takes them through the harsh training that will literally erase their identity and personality, and will turn them into killing machines. The training also gives you a good picture of the harsh situations that armed forces faced during the Vietnam war. The first half tells about various treatments that drove the overweight Leonard Lawrence (Vincent D’Onofrio) to madness and who killed the drill instructor and then himself with a rifle loaded with “7.62 Full Metal Jacket” ammunition.

The second half begins with the troops in the middle of the Vietnam war. Unlike in training, half of them lose their life and which turns “Private Joker” more violent, calloused and hardened as the movie progresses. During the battle for the city of Hue, the American men meet Sergeant Hartman who puts them in shape and tells them to go and kill the enemy. In the end, the survivors of the war march along a Mickey Mouse club with bombed destroyed building in the background. Private Joker narrates all the incident throughout the complete film.

4. Black Hawk Down

Black Hawk Down is a war drama movie directed by the famous director, Ridley Scott. The movie throws light on one of the forgotten chapter in the military history of the United States. On 3rd of October 1993, more than 100 Delta Force rangers as well as Army Rangers got in to get two of Mohamed Farah Aidid’s (local crime lord) close assistants or “lieutenants”. The soldiers were part of the UN peacekeeping force and were dropped in Mogadishu, Somalia. However, the movie turns more series when the enemy blows two Black Hawn helicopters and America commits to bring all the men dead or alive. Also, some time later, the troops find themselves surrounded by the enemies because of staying in an area for too long. It is followed by the longest ground firefight involving American soldiers since Vietnam war. In the end, they win the battle killing hundreds of terrorist Somalians. Among the American soldiers, 70 get injured and 18 lose their lives. Black Hawk Down grabbed a lot of awards and was also one of the top tem movies as per National Board of Review and also available on MovieBox.

5. Schindler’s List

Schindler’s List is an impeccable film based on a true story which has been directed by Steven Spielberg. The film stars Liam Neeson as the big German Businessman, Oskar Schindler. As the Nazi force rose to power, Oskar grabs the opportunity to make money. Oskar Schindler starts a cookware manufacturing company and also makes use of his flattery as well as money to get high military officials on his side. He also brings his financier and accountant Itzhak Stern (Ben Kingsley) to help him run the factory. He then stuffs his factory with Jews by giving them work. These Jews came from Krakow’s ghetto and worked for free in the factory. However, on the other hand, Stern found that it was the only way for him as well as other working Jews to survive. But in the year 1942, all those Krakow’s Jews were transferred to Plaszow Forced Labor Camp where they spent their time under the cruel Commandant Amon Goeth (Ralph Fiennes). Goeth is an alcoholic officer who kills Jews for fun. However, Schindler on the other hand shifts to manufacturing ammunitions and realizes that his company is now the only thing that is saving the Jew workers from being send to the death camp. After realizing that, Oskar starts asking for more and more workers for his factory and at the same time keeps on bribing the officials to keep the Jew workers on the working list. While the war ends and Germany falls, Schindler loses all his fortune as saves only 1100 people from getting killed. The movie won 7 Academy Awards out of 12 for which it was nominated. It is also known as one of the most touching and magnificent movie made over this mass slaughter also in top movie list of MovieBox.

5 Best War Movies of All Time
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