Movie Box APK Download – MovieBox App for Android (Latest Version)

Download MovieBox APK for Android Smartphones and Tablets - Movie Box APK Latest Version: There is no doubt that YouTube one of the best things that happened in favor of video streaming. It proved to be an awesome alternative for traditional methods of watching video content, such as TV and DVDs. Just think of it: it does not matter where we are, we can have all the content streamed to the smartphone or PC if you prefer. But, as it happens with almost all other platforms, there is a problem with YouTube.

When you are a serious movie addict — who needs movies for all their moments, sad or happy —, YouTube can’t help you there. There is no way to watch full-length movies or TV series via YouTube unless you are ready to pay a huge amount to Google, that too per movie you rent. It isn’t possible either to buy certain movies and store it in your device. This is why we need an effective alternative for hassle-free movie watching — Movie Box for Android.

In this article, we will go in-depth about MovieBox for Android and how you can enjoy completely free movie streaming on your Android device — without all the hassles of cracks, patches or anything illegal. We would suggest some proven methods that will help you install MovieBox in your Android device and enjoy all those free movies and TV Series content. Before that, however, we think we should have a look on best features of MovieBox for Android.

MovieBox APK / MovieBox for Android 2017

MovieBox, as you may know, is an amazing application popular among iPhone and iPad users. It is considered one of the must-have applications for those who are passionate about watching movies or TV series. With a huge-enough collection of movies and TV series from different genres, MovieBox doesn’t require much time to grab attention of those movie freaks around. That’s one of the reason why MovieBox is quite popular in the community of iOS users. It is worth noting that the amazing growth is there, despite the app being not available in official App Store. Even now, there is a rush from people to find and install the best build of this MovieBox app in their devices. Such amazing and addictive is the collection of movies, accompanied by some cool features for playback and entertainment. So, there is no doubt in the fact that you need Movie Box APK for your device — if you have that taste for movies and TV series marathons.

Thinking that MovieBox isn’t available for Android? Or, did any website ask you to pay for installing MovieBox for Android in your device? Well, don’t do both. It’s because MovieBox is available for Android devices, free of cost. It means that you can avail the full service without paying a single penny to anyone. You just need to know some things and act accordingly. And we will guide you through the availability and feature sections of MovieBox for Android now.

If you search in Google Play Store for MovieBox, you may not end up in any result. At maximum, you would come across a fake solution, which is nowhere near the capabilities or features of the real MovieBox Android service. The things are very simple, actually. MovieBox for Android is available in a different name — ShowBox. Yes, you heard that right. You can have all the collection of movies and TV series along with playback features via the single app named ShowBox for Android. Just like we discussed the case of MovieBox, this thing is free to use. Nor are there some restrictions when it comes to accessing movies or TV series. It’s like having complete control over every favorite flick from your side. You just need to search using the keywords to find the movie or TV series — no matter what the genres or releasing year are.

We hope that’s something really attractive for those who love watching films. You don’t have to pay; might not even need much data resources. All you need is a non-wavering internet connection on your Android to enjoy all the films you like. We think that’s good enough to go for every user out there. Now, we will tell you an efficient method to get the application installed on your device. The steps are simple and you don’t have to worry about the authenticity either. We have tested the same method and are using ShowBox in all of our Android devices — like smartphones and tablet PCs. Also we have We are such big movie lovers, you know.

Shall we start off with the installation procedure for Movie Box App for Android?

An Easy Guide To Download and Install Movie Box APK for Android Smartphones

Earlier, we had told you how you can download and install MovieBox on iOS devices like iPad and iPhone. In there, we had listed plenty of available methods — depending on whether your device is jailbroken or not. When it comes to the case of installing MovieBox in Android, however, things are ultra-simple. You will not have to root your device or anything to get this job done. We have covered every step with precision so that you won’t be struck anywhere nearby. Shall we start the tutorial, then? Before that, we will have a word on the installation method we are using here.

Note: We’ve already mentioned that MovieBox for Android isn’t available on Google Play Store. It also means that there is no official way for downloading it from Google’s servers. But, you don’t have to worry about it, in any aspect. There are many websites that give you the APK files of MovieBox for Android unlike Movie Box for iOS, including those official websites from developers of the app. To make things simpler for you, we have selected a trustworthy source for getting the .APK file. And, this file should be downloaded and stored in your device before starting the installation process. You can download the APK from This Link.

Once you are done with the download, let’s move to these steps.

  • Step 1

Before we open the installation files, some changes should be made in the device. There are some built-in security measures in every Android smartphone. Unless you have allocated the permission, you will not be able to install applications from non-Google Play sources. This is done as a part of quality assurance and as a method for removing malware from Android as much as possible. So, when you have to install Movie Box APK in your phone, you have to provide the permissions first. And, that’s easier than you expect.

First you have to open ‘Settings’ of your Android device. Depending on the manufacturer, the next step may be different. However, you should be able to find the option somewhere. If you are running stock version of Android, you will find a section named ‘Security’. Click on that button to move on to the security section of your smartphone.

  • Step 2

In the upcoming page, you will see a bunch of options regarding security of your device. From the list, you need to find the one named ‘Allow Unknown Sources’. Make sure that you enable the option. You may also see a prompt from the device, asking whether you really need to give this permission. Don’t mind anything about it and enable the option.

By now, you would have successfully enabled Non-Google Play installation option for your Android devices. It’s time to get into the next step.

  • Step 3

We had told you before to store the MovieBox APK on someplace accessible. Open your file explorer — if the device doesn’t have a file explorer, you have to get one — and navigate to the stored folder. And, open the .APK file to forward with the installation procedure.

  • Step 4

Depending on the device, designs may vary. However, you should be able to find a page like shown in below-given screenshot. You will be able to see the permissions requested by MovieBox App. Hit the ‘Install’ button to proceed with installation.

  • Step 5

According to your device speed and performance, MovieBox installation may take a few seconds or minutes. Wait until the complete process is over. You will also be able to see the ‘Finished’ message in the given time.

After you have seen the message, you can go to your Android Home Screen or App Drawer to find the icon of ShowBox for Android. And, as we have said earlier, there are no registration processes or payments to be done inside the app. That is, once the installation is over, you have the freedom to jump into the worlds of movies and TV series.

By the way, there is another point to be noted regarding the installation and selection of APK file. You would be able to find the different builds of MovieBox App for Android in the internet. Out of the many versions, v 4.72 is the most stable version you will come across. We are not saying that other versions of MovieBox will not work on your device. Nevertheless, in the course of time, you will have to stumble upon some errors or serious bugs. Because everyone loves to have a seamless, error-free movie-watching experience, we prefer going with MovieBox v4.72. The download link we have given above will lead you to the same version.

We hope the installation method is crystal clear. We had followed the same steps for all our device and the results are superb: we are running ShowBox smoothly in all our Android devices and are enjoying all perks of free movie streaming. Not even once we regret installing this app. There have been times we were left with nothing for environment. At all those times, MovieBox did the right thing.

Now that we are done with installation procedure for MovieBox for Android, we will go through some effective features and other aspects of the app. First, we will take you through the commendable features, which made us install the app first. We keep loving the features as long as we use the app for movies.

Top Features of MovieBox APK for Android

The actual feature-list of MovieBox for Android is really huge. To give you the right info, we have curated an impressive set of options we found. Go through them and see if you want to get this awesome app for your smartphone or tablet PC.

· It’s Free to Use: We are repeating this due to certain reasons. There are several websites claiming that Movie Box for Android is a premium app and users have to pay for it. As a matter of fact, there is no mode of payment involved in the entire application. You don’t have to pay for downloading the app; nor will you have to pay for watching movies. Unlike the case of Netflix or Hulu or some other big brothers, MovieBox is free, as in the case of free food. You can do whatever you want with the service and pay nothing in the long run. The only thing you’ve to spend for watching movies is the internet connection. If you have an unlimited home Wi-Fi connection, it is good to go, we suppose.

· No Registration Required: Most of the free movie-streaming apps need you to go through those long registration procedures. Some of them will also steal personal information from your device. MovieBox for Android is an exceptional case here for sure. There is no registration process at all. All you need to do is the clear-cut installation. After that, you would be able to enjoy the new & updated collection of films and TV series.

· Download Movies: With the MovieBox App installed, you are not restricted to watching movies. You can easily download and store every movie or TV series you like. There are no additional charges or long processes to go through. The best part is that you can download all the films in HD quality. If you are going for a long trip or somewhere you can’t stay connected, you can use this feature to get all the films stored locally. Then, it’s your wish to watch them or not.

· Better Playback: When compared to even the premium streaming apps, MovieBox offers a superb playback experience. To take a few examples, there is multi-server support. A single movie file will be stored in multiple web locations. So, even when one isn’t available, you won’t have trouble in getting the file to play. Next, there is subtitle support — with the help of you will have to create an account in the mentioned web service and connect it to the Movie Box. With that single process, you can bring subtitles to every movie or TV series you play via Movie Box.

· No-Ads: Yes, unlike the many other apps for same purpose, MovieBox App for Android doesn’t show ads in the interface. It does not matter whether you are browsing the movie titles or watching them; you can do all of it without those annoying advertisements around. This is a big deal when you take into account the UI as well.

· Customization & Selection: This is something cool you’d expect from a movie-streaming app. We’d found it awesome because MovieBox lets you choose the best films without all those minutes-long searches, you can filter them. You can easily choose the Year and Genre to make selections simple. Since all the included films come with corresponding posters and synopsis, you won’t be confused between two films either. In our case, we had no trouble in finding the movie that we really needed.

While these are the main features of MovieBox for Android, there are miscellaneous ones to talk about. For instance, some of you might love the option for choosing an appropriate video streaming quality. You may not always have the fastest internet connection with you. In those instances, you will have a better scene by choosing a lower-resolution video output. That is, if you see a lot of buffering with 720p streaming via the app, you can simply shift to 480p or 260p. This is recommended also if you have a small-screen device. This way, you can reduce data consumption and keep the visual experience intact. We think these features are cool-enough for almost all users. These features were one of the reasons why we got attracted to this app. And, of course, we didn’t take long to install this thing in our devices. We hope you will also do the same in a few minutes.

How Big is the Collection — Is Movie Box for Android worth it?

Let’s make this simple and put it straight — MovieBox has the largest collection of movies and TV Series you would ever find on a free service. You can even take our word literally and you won’t be disappointed, we’d bet. Such huge is the collection that we searched for every random movie name we come across. In a quite amazing manner, there were suitable results for all those. Let’s take a practical look on that aspect now.

Suppose you want to watch the favorite action film flick from one of the popular director — MovieBox for Android will have the right choice for you ready, in a single tap. All you need to do is to search the name or the starting letters. The best part is that MovieBox does not restrict you into any of particular film areas. The entire collection is comprehensive in all forms. That is, you won’t have any sort of trouble in finding the film no matter what the genre is. Be it action, romance, drama or a top-notch thriller, the app does the job very well. In addition to these, the collection is regularly updated with rare type of content like documentaries, short-films and regional flicks. And, yes, the multi-language film collection is actually enhanced by the global-level subtitle support. Be it Korean or Japanese, you won’t have trouble in spotting the films in collection of ShowBox.

The same wideness is there when we consider the case of TV Series. The best part is that the collection does have the full episodes of comparatively older TV content. For instance, we tried searching for FRIENDS, and full collection was there. We just had to choose the season and episode to start watching it. Also, thanks to its personalization and filtering options, we had no trouble in finding and saving some titles for later watch.

Altogether, we are really impressed by the wide-enough collection of movies and TV series in Movie Box App for Android. At least, it fulfills all our needs to go smooth the films we want at a time.

What to Choose if MovieBox for Android Doesn’t Work?

What To Choose if MovieBox for Android Doesn't Work

There may be instances when you cannot successfully install and use MovieBox App for Android in devices. Or, it’s just that you like some extra features and want to pay some money. In that case, we have listed some MovieBox alternatives that make sense. Some of them are supposed to be free, but you will have to pay an extra amount for getting all the features. If you want to just try some trailers and a few not-so-famous films, you should go with one of the following apps.

  • Crackle: By using Crackle, you can enjoy an impressive collection of movies, TV series and even some original web content. The application is available for iOS and Android, just like the case of MovieBox. There are, however, certain limitations in terms of what you can access with the free account. In the long run, you may have to pay for some set of content too.
  • Popcorn Time App: This is another awesome name to count when you need an effective alternative to MovieBox for Android or iOS. Multi-platform availability is one of the unique features in this app, and you can enjoy the same collection of movies in your Linux and Mac devices, along with Android and iOS. This is good to go, as long as you have an impressive internet connection. Plus, you will not have to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad for getting access to the collection.
  • PlayBox: This makes enough sense when you need a MovieBox alternative to your iPhone or iPad. It is pretty simple to install and use the PlayBox app, and you don’t have to go through any type of geek stuff. The only requirement is that you may have to create an account to enjoy the services. And you cannot compare the collection’s wideness to that of MovieBox.

Well, these are some applications that can help you when you cannot run MovieBox on your Android phone or tablet PC. Nevertheless, we really recommend sticking onto MovieBox if you can. You may have to take a few extra steps, but the application is really worth the effort. For instance, even the collective output of the three apps are not enough to compete with the movie and TV series collection of MovieBox service. And, we don’t think it’s wise to go for these half-baked and hidden-charged solutions just to have some original flicks. After all, we are talking for the best movie freaks and addicts out there. And, in that sense, MovieBox is for sure the best choice we will ever find on the Internet, for Android devices.

Summing Things Up

Now, at the end of this article, we hope you know enough about MovieBox for Android, its availability and a few simple steps for installation. It’s a fact that you may have some trouble in installing the app in some rare devices. But, that can be overcome easily if you take some efforts. And, the best part is that you are getting enough resources for those few MBs of data and a few minutes of effort.

Just look at what MovieBox offers to every user out there. There is an unparalleled collection of movies, TV Series and other stuff. The playback options are superb and up for the competition with even the premium counterparts. Last but not least, the app is completely free to use and there are no hidden charges or app purchases.

This is something every film addict will love to see in an Android application. Judging by that standard, we have much reasons to suggest this app to any Android user. Don’t worry if you can get the right Movie Box for Android download. You can pick one of the mentioned alternatives to enjoy the world of films.

Movie Box APK Download – MovieBox App for Android (Latest Version)
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