Top 5 Teenage Romance Movies of All Time

Love is something very beautiful which exist between all of us but in different forms. Also, it is one of the best thing to share and almost everyone wants to love or be loved. Also, romantic comedy is one of the most popular and loved genre all around the globe because its peaceful, lovely and has a hidden message that people naturally relate to their own life. People love to watch the romantic movie with their partners as it helps them renew the spark in their relationships. However, many romantic comedies are released every year, but not everyone of them is brilliant. Instead, most of the movies just tell the same old simple love story in different forms. But there are few romantic movies available on Movie Box  that really left their impressions on the viewer’s hear. Here we are with the list of top 5 such romance movies that have ever been produced in cinema history.

1. When Harry Met Sally

When Harry met Sally is one of the best romantic comedy by Rob Reiner starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. The story of the movie starts in 1977 when Harry Burnes (Played by Billy Crystal) and Sall Albiright (Meg Ryan) finish their college and meet in a car ride to New York where they are going to pursue their life. On the way, they have a discussion over whether a man and a woman be friends, without involving sex? The finally come to a conclusion that no, they cannot be just friends.

Now the movie jumps to 1982, when Sally and Harry meet again on a plane flight. Sally is dating Joe (Steven Ford) and Harry on the other hand is getting married to Helen (Harley Kozak). They again discuss why men and woman cannot be just friends even when they are with someone else.

Now again the movie jumps to 1987, when them meet again in a bookstore. This time they discuss their lives over coffee and become friends. Harry tells that Helen has left him while Sally also just got out from the relationship with Joe. They start meeting and in between Sally starts dating again and on being forced by Harry, tells him about it. They again part and meet before their friend’s Jesse and Marie’s wedding. This time they have sex and again grow apart. It is lovely to watch them realize how much they are in love with each other all this time without even realizing that.

2. The Notebook

The Notebook is a must watch romantic drama directed by Nick Cassavetes based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks with the same title. The Notebook starts in the present day in a nursing home where a mid-aged man named Duke (James Garner) is reading a love story to a female patient (Gena Rowlands).

The story starts in the year 1940 where Allie Hamilton (Rachel McAdams) is on a vacation to Seabrook Island in South Carolina. There he meets a local boy named Noah Calhoun (Ryan Gosling) who shows her an old house that he wishes to buy. They are about to make love when they are interrupted by Fin (Kevin Connolly), Noah’s friend telling them that Allie’s parents and police are looking for her. On finding about Noah, Allie’s parents do not allow them to meet again and move back home. Noah on the other hand, writes letter to Allie for a complete year but all of them are interrupted by Allie’s mother. After and year, we see both of them moving on with their lives.

Allie takes of the profession of Nurse for wounded soldiers where she meets Lon Hammond Jr. (James Marsden). They both get engaged but Allie sees Noah when Lon proposes her.

Noah on the other hand, participated in the war with his friend Fin and returns finding that his father has sold their home so that he can buy that old house of his dreams. Later he sees Allie kissing Lon, he goes crazy and starts believing that if he will fix us the house, Allie will come back to him.

Later Allie reads about Noah in a newspaper and visits him. She tells him that she is soon getting married. Next day they go rowing remembering their summer when Allie asks him why he never wrote to her. Noah, tells him that he did for a complete year without any response. They make love that night.

The next day Allie’s mother comes to take her back but Noah asks her to stay. Allie confesses to Lon that she loves Noah but she knows that she should be with him. Now the movie comes back to the elderly couple. It is clear that the mid-aged man is duke and the old lady patient is Allie. She fails to recognise her children and grandchildren. The Duke asks her whom she chose for which the answer will really bring tears in your eyes. If you are deeply in love with somebody, The Notebook is a movie you should watch with him or her.

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3. Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise is a bit off beat movie directed by Richard Linklater which focuses on the story of two people and the love between them in a 24-hour period. Jesse (Ethan Hawke) meets Celine (Julie Delpy) on a train. Jesse is going back to Vienna where he needs to catch his flight to United States, while Celine is going back to her university in Paris.

However, when both of then reach Vienna, Jesse convinces Celine to spend one day with him and they both roam in Vienna. After roaming to various popular monuments they share their first kiss at sunset and both of them feel a connection between them. They continue roaming in the city talking about various things, their life and their thoughts more openly. They do a lot other crazy stuff that makes the connection between them even stronger. In the end, both of them admit that the night has been something to them and maybe they will never see each other again. They both promise to meet at the same place six months later and part their ways.

4. The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride is a romantic drama movie based on the novel with the same title written by William Goldman. The movie starts with an old man (Peter Falk) reading a story to his grandson (Fred Savage). The ill boy prefers action and adventure story and ask his grandfather to read him that. However, he fails and the old man continues with the same story. The story of the movie is about a stable boy wo turns into a pirate who sets out to rescue the love of his life, Buttercup (Robin Wright). Buttercup is with an evil prince (played by Chris Sarandon) who Buttercup agreed to marry after getting the news that Westley is dead. Buttercup, with the help of Miracle Max (Billy Brystal), Prince Humperdinck’s former employee, Montoya (Mandy Patinkin) and Fezzik (Andre the Giant) both the lover are re-united.

5. Her

Her is a different kind of romantic sci-fi drama comedy starring Joaquin Phoenix in the movie by Spike Jonze. The movie is about a lonely writer who finds a new interactive OS and falls in love with her. Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) is working as a writer where he expresses his emotions with others that many cannot. He writes these letters to complete strangers whose details are provided by his company. However, depressed due to his failed marriage, Theodore moves away from his social circle as well. One day, Theodore brings in a highly advanced AI operating system that helps him in bringing his life back on track. With the name Samantha (Scarlett Johansson), the OS encourages him to date her and stays with him wherever he goes. However, things get very messed up when the growing knowledge of Samantha starts disturbing the core of their relationship. It is amazing to see the relationship between a person and a computer in this movie. But the best part is to see that how a person can find happiness in small things even when he is lost.

Top 5 Teenage Romance Movies of All Time
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