Top 5 Horror Movies of All Time – #3 is Must Watch!

There are many out there who love to watch horror films with their family and friends or alone. Many times these horror movies are able to take the user of a new terrific horror ride that makes it even hard for all the contestants to win the prize. However, not many great horror movies are released every day, we have gathered a list of best 5 horror movies which are available on MovieBox that are definitely going to make you fear the dark after you finish them.

The Exorcist

The Exorcist is a horror movie based on the last legal and known Catholic exorcism in the US. However, the little boy in the 1949 exorcism, Blatty, as shown as a girl in the movie, Regan, played by a 14-year-old girl Linda Blair. The girl in the movie starts suffering from unusual fits and shocks resulting into horrible bizarre behavior. Regan’s behavior confuses her mother Chris MacNeil (Ellen Burstyn). However, when the girl gets out of hand, the family is left with no choice except calling a priest, Father Karras, played by Jason Miller. The father is soon convinced that the small girl child is possessed by the Devil and they need to perform an exorcism in order to get it out of her. In order to do that, they need Father Merrin (Max von Sydow). It is really terrifying to see the various dangers they face during the exorcism. The movie was re-released in the theaters in 2000 with 11 minutes of scenes trimmed from the original film. The digitally enhanced sound and background score from Oscar-winning Chris Newman’s makes the fear even more intense. It is one of those iconic horror movies that every horror movie lover should watch once in his or her lifetime.

The Shining

There is one thing that you must know before starting the movie. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. The movie is a homicidal thriller masterpiece by Stanley Kubrick based on Stephen King’s horror novel. The movie starts with Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) moving along with his wife Wendy (Shelly Duvall) and son Danny (Lanny Lloyd) in an Overlook Hotel in the mountains. The takes the job as the caretaker of the hotel so that he can finish the novel in peace, away from the crowd and people. However, before Jack overtakes the Hotel for the winter, the manager (Barry Nelson) explains Jack about the chores he needs to do while the other staff is away. He also tells Jack that the previous caretaker of the hotel turned insane and killed his entire family. Jack does not pay much attention to it. Danny, on the other hand, plays in the empty corridors of the hotel and in the maze with Wendy while Jack sets up his place in the lounge with strict instructions to Wendy and Danny, not to be disturbed. Danny’s imaginary friend “Tony” warns him of the “redrum” and sees few horrifying things on his own. Jack, on the other hand, starts behaving abnormally with Wendy and Danny too. Afraid of his behavior, Wendy visits the Room 237 where the previous caretaker killed his family. Also, she discovers what Jack has been working on all this time, and what the Hotel has turned him into. It is almost impossible to watch the movie alone, and if you are planning to do this, best of luck.

The Thing

The Thing is a remake of the old 1951 film by Howard Hawks and also the re-adaptation of the story by W. Campbell Jr.’s “Who Goes There?”. The movie by John Carpenter is more advanced in terms of effects and story. The movie starts with a Husky running in the tundra. Two men are chasing him in a helicopter firing from the air. The men get down from the helicopter and keep on shooting it even after the dog finds the shelter in an American research outpost. However, a bomb by one of the Norwegian destroys the helicopter by blowing himself up. The another one is killed by a shot by Garry (Donald Moffat), captain of the American outpost. MacReady (Kurt Russel), pilot of the helicopter and Dr. Copper (Richard Dysart), doctor of the camp set out to discover the Norwegian base but discover that something strange is going on. The base is in a very bad condition with burnt ashes of men or several men and a man frozen to a chair with a lot of cuts. There is a coffin ice block in the next room which looks like it has been cut recently. On the other hand, Husky in the American base turns into “The Thing. The Thing is a creature that can take form or mutate into anything that it kills. Later, all you see is intense and thrilling fighting scenes against the thing. However, the movie failed to be a hit at the box office, but it did set a new standard for sci-fi horror films in the long run.


Insidious is a movie from the writer and directors of Paranormal Activity and Saw, Leigh Channel, James Wan and Oren Peli to come up with a different type of shock horror movie with a simple yet interesting twist. The story is about a family that has recently moved into a new house but begin to experience strange and unexplainable incidents. In addition to that, their youngest son falls into deep coma. The parents, Josh (Patrick Wilson) and Renai (Rose Byrne) try their best to find the root cause behind these incidents. The problem becomes more serious when they find out it’s not the house that is haunted, but their son. The parents’ effort to bring their son back to normal is really haunting with a lot of surprise elements.

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A Nightmare on ELM Street

A Nightmare on ELM Street is a horror movie in real terms. You will literally find hard to sleep after watching this movie. The story starts in a small town where the teenagers are getting killed at a very high rate. The most interesting thing is that all of these are suicides. The reason behind this mass hysteria is unknown but a daughter of a cop, played by Heather Langenkamp) find that the cause behind the suicides is somehow linked to a child molester named Fred Krueger (Robert Englund). Fred was also burnt alive by his angry parents many years ago. Now, Fred is back after death in the dreams of the children in order to take his revenge. There are some famous horror movie faces like Ronee Blakely and John Saxon as the supporting actors in the film with Wes Craven as the director. The thin line between the dreams and the reality is shown in a terrifying manner that will keep you awake at night as well.

Top 5 Horror Movies of All Time – #3 is Must Watch!
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